Monday, December 16, 2013

Backdrop Main Room

With the benchwork and subroadbed in place (btw that's all 1/2 inch plywood) track laying went on fast.
I used PECO code 83 track and turnouts

The backdrop is 3 mm tempered hardboard, again glued directly to the outer walls to save railroad real estate.
For the peninsula I had to erect a frame to support the hardboard sheets. It consists mainly of 1x2's, screwed to the benchwork and to the ceiling.

The hardboard is screwed to the framework and the seams filled with putty and sanded smooth.

For the transition from the outer wall to the peninsula I curved the backdrop to follow the tracks.

The backdrop also curves along the yard throat of Oceanside

This is the other side of the penisula with Capistrano and the return curve to the staging yard (at left).

How I bridged the door opening may be read in the October 2013 issue of NMRA magazine. 

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