Friday, December 12, 2014

LCVP's enroute for San Diego

In an earlier post I contemplated about mounting an LCVP on a flatcar.

The 1/72th LCVP fits nicely on a 57'6" flatcar.

Bob Chaparro forwarded me a picture of an LCVP on a flat car sitting in the Pacific Electric Dolores Yard in California during WWII. As you can see, the side overhang is identical to the one of the model. (Metro Tansportation Library and Archives Flickr

Unfortunately I did not find any side shot to see how the cradle looks like.

Then early this year AIRFIX released a completely new, redesigned kit of the LCVP. They also took better measurements of the prototype because the 1/72 scale model is now smaller than their former 1/76. The details are crisp and clean with no flash to remove from the parts. 

What pleased me most, is the fact that they included a model of the actual cradle these landing craft were shipped on, instead of the clumsy stand they used with the old landing craft model.

These 5 pieces will form an accurate cradle for the LCVP.

The parts for the cradle seem to conform to the procedures used by the Transportation Corps to secure boats and landing crafts to railroad flat cars.

The instructions suggest to paint the cradle the same grey color than the LCVP, but as this was wood, I will paint it a tan color.   

The schematic above shows the wood blocking for the cradle.

Stay tuned for updates!