Friday, May 2, 2014

Addition to the packing house

As mentioned in an earlier post about the AFG packing house, I received the first cut walls for the addition from my fellow modeler and friend Pit Karges who has cut the sides following my drawings with his laser cutter.
He used 3mm MDF for the subwalls. The walls will be covered with corrugated siding.

I just taped the wall sections together to get a feel how the future building would look like and also to make necessary adjustments or corrections.

The additions has almost the same length and width as the original (old) packing house. My loading track is a bit short to line up completely with the 3rd and 4th loading door. I will probably alter the prototype situation an build a small wooden platform to reach to the tracks.

A closeup shot with the reefers next to the loading doors.

As always stay tuned for updates. I'm very excited about this and hardly can't wait to contiue on this project.


  1. Fantastic! I love laser-cut products. If designed properly, they fit together like Lego. IMHO, laser-cut and metal etching are currently more exciting and interesting than 3D printing, especially when you consider the price and the results.

  2. Colin, you're right. I like the fact that I'm able to create custom models this way. It's easier than building from scratch, especially if you have to repeat multiple shapes, like the saw-tooth roof or the arches on mission style buildings (like on my Capistrano depot)