Monday, January 19, 2015

Reworked Lighting and Upper Valence

Some time back, after I had installed and painted my backdro,p I also installed lighting on the ceiling all along the layout.

The layout room has an overall height of 2,50 meters (aprox. 8 feet and something) To get the layout framed in conveniently I had to install a valance extending down roughly 60 cm (2 feet). 

The ceiling is poured concrete and drilling holes into it was a real pain. Also working overhead to screw the light fixtures and valance supports is very tedious. Finally I didn't like the idea of such a deep valance and also the lighting was a bit too far away from the actual layout base.

When I visited my friend Pit Karges' HOn3 Lodores & Silvertown layout, I immediately liked the idea to attach the brackets lower on the wall. This was no big deal because I had glued my backdrop flat against the walls. I screwed the brackets through the backdrop to the brick wall underneath.

I used 38 cm long brackets on the wider and 28 cm on the narrower parts of the layout

The brackets extend as far out as the edge of the layout. The valance fascia boards will be 20cm. This leaves a viewing window of at least 60 cm.

On the picture above you see the difference between the ceiling and the future height of the valance.

The backdrop on the center peninsula is 3mm MDF with no support underneath where I have to attach the brackets

 I drilled 8mm holes into the backdrop and inserted drywall dowels.

The screw is tightened until the end of the dowel is spread against the back of the board. These work very well for all kinds of hollow core supports including plasterboard. 

In the process of reworking the layout lighting I will leave 3 fluorescent lights attached to the ceiling for general room lighting. So I only need to illuminate the layout when I'm running trains and by this save some electricity.

I will use the area above the valance as additional storage.

Stay tuned for the final work session on the valance and fascia.