Tuesday, June 3, 2014

AFG Packinghouse ready for the fruit

Last weekend I finally got some time to finish my packing house and to scenic the surroundings.

As I said in my previous post, my friend Pit Karges had cut some score marks into the wall sections to make positioning the corrugated siding easier, because they overlap by 2 mm.

I applied a bead of white glue on the wall section and spread the glue with a moistened brush. Then I laid the piece of corrugated carton along the score line so that it overlapped the previous layer.

Here's the finished backwall. A nice side effect of laser cutting is that the laser slightly burns the edges of the carton. This gives a nice weathered look.

The long side walls come in 2 pieces. I joined them with a piece of Scotch tape and braced the whole length with strip wood. I did not apply corrugation to the wall that will not be visible.

After all the corrugation was applied and dry, I started to join the wall sections. I braced the corners with pieces of MDF that came from the window cutouts.

Out of experience I know that nothing lasts forever, so I decided not to glue my structures to the baseboard. They could not be removed intact if I had to move or dismantle the layout. So I glued some kind of foundation to the baseboard, where the structure would be. I scenicked the foundation with ground foam so it is not so obvious that the structure only sit on top of the foundation instead of being build into the ground.

The windows are also laser cut. I painted them black and used canopy glue to attach the window glass, which is 0.05" cleas styrene

The final assembly went straight forward. I did not apply the corrugation to the roof panels because I had to hide the gaps between the roof and the windows.

After the roof panels and windows were installed I applied the roofing sheets following the same procedure as the side walls.

I did not glue the loading doors in yet, because I want to build some shadow boxes with interiors.

This is a train engineer's view when entering San Juan Capistrano coming from San Diego. The cantilever signal bridge and train order board are not finished yet. They are only placed temporarily.

Stay tuned for the finishing touches of this part of town.


  1. Wow! It looks fantastic! This should really be offered as a kit... even a paramaterized kit should be possible with lasercutting techniques: Customer specifies width, length, height, how many skylights in the roof, how many loading doors. Then the lasercutter makes the kit.

  2. Colin,

    That was already my idea. Due to cutter restrictions we had to do it in 2 parts. Each part could also be a smaller structure by itself. Adding up as many as desired to make it longer. This kind of structure could also serve as an industrial building instead of a packing house.