Tuesday, January 24, 2017

San Clemente Outhouse

The only other structure near the San Clemente Depot was the outhouse. Like the depot it was a stucco structure in the Spanish Revival style with red tiled roof.

It is only partly visible in the foreground of the above picture. The other pictures from trackside shows enough to approximate its appearance.

Construction of the four walls is staight forward using .040" plain styrene sheet. I braced the corners with .080 x .080 square styrene strips.

I nibbled the door openings with the Micro Mark nibbler tool.

I could not cut out the small windows with the nibbler tool, so I drilled holes in each corner to guide my hobby knife. With a small file I made the final adjustments for the small windows to fit properly. I used small Grandt Line four-pane windows inserted from inside to make them look like masonry windows. The wood frame serves as glueing surface inside the building.

Construction of the roof was some kind of trial and error. I glued a narrow strip of styrene along the center for the peak of the roof. Then I measured and approximated the triangular roof parts and glued them in place as shown in the pictures above.

The same procedure was applied for the trapezoidal roof parts.

After the glue had set, I glued the ridge tiles in place.

Now the little structure was ready for the paint shop

Finished model on the layout. As a final touch I added the mortar lines along the ridge tiles with light grey paint applied with a small brush.

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