Tuesday, March 17, 2015

California Packing Corp. (Del Monte Quality Foods) Part 2

Here's my update on the Del Monte packing house on my layout. Check the first part California Packing Corp., Santa Ana, CA.

After my initial thought, placing the packing house next to the aisle, I had to admit that the available space was not enough to put it there. I had planned to use 2 kits and to make it double in length, but even without the loading dock it was too wide.

I will put the NeHi Bottling Company in that spot instead. This would be a scratchbuilt structure so I could use some selective compression on that.
                                                                                                                                                                          Photo of former NeHi building courtesy of Jim   Lancaster

I will place one side wall against the backdrop and add a turnout with a stub track to serve the packing house.

But now first things first.
After assembling the wall sections I airbrushed them with Vallejo Military Green paint. (#70.975)

Then I masked the different trim sections and door sashes...

..and brushpainted them with a bright red color.

I lightly brushed the loading dock planks with Vallejo Khaki (#70.988) and gave them a Black Shade wash after drying.(73201)

Then I sprayed the railings, doors and windows with a coat of grey primer

and after the primer had dried, a coat of Vallejo Vermillion red. (#70.909)

I inserted the window frames and glued the castings from the back side with Deluxe Glue 'n' Glaze. I also used this medium to glue the window glass. It dries transparent and doesn't craze the clear acetate windows.

I scaled and printed the Del Monte Logo on plain copy paper. Then I cut it roughly out with a pair of scissors.

I gently sanded the logo from the back side until the color of the logo was barely visible. Extreme care must be taken with this method, not to tear the logo apart. Then I trimmed the excess paper around the logo outlines.

I applied a thin coat of Deluxe Card Glue on the back of the logo and positioned it on the wall.

I pushed a paper towel on the logo to squeeze the excess glue out. The logo is thin like a decal and fits snuggly between the clapboard siding of the wall. A light weathering of the walls will dull the logo down.

I placed the packing house temporarily against the backdrop until the track gang moves in to lay the new turnout and stub track.

To prevent the blue backdrop from shining through the windows, I glued pieces of black drafting paper behind the window glass. Railings had to be modified because I arranged the wall sections a bit differently than intended by the instructions. Shown are the 4 Vallejo colors that I used on this project.

Now waiting for the weekend to install the stub track.

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